Oasis Home Invertor: Great Performance with low Energy consumption

Kerala’s most intelligent Invertor is here to power your home! It comes with state of the art features like a sleek display showing power back-up time, hassle-free battery maintenance and MCB protection. The Oasis is everything you need.

Key features

·       Battery charging commences at low input voltages

·       Poor since wave technology

·      Intelligent thermal management system keeps your system cool and shuts down the system during over temperature and over load conditions

·      Installation and maintenance friendly

·      Advanced battery management which enhances battery life in to 60 %

·      Intelligent battery charging mechanism

·      Supports wide battery range, ie. Flate Plate, Tubular

·       Oasis invertors capacity ranges from 600 VA to 2KVA

·       Tubular battery technology with higher acid volume per ampere hour capacity

·       Minimum maintenance, Rugged battery for tough conditions

·       Easy battery maintenance with level indicator and High durability with sealed plastic casing

·      12 Months warranty for Invertor and 36 Months Warranty for Battery *


*Terms and conditions apply 

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