Once Upon a time in Neerkode, a small village near Aluva

In 2004, two brothers were started selling Emergency lights with 9 W CFL. Due to the consistency in performance and quality of the product, we were received many orders from friends and families from our Village. During the course of time we have added our on inventions to increase the performance of the lights, it was a hot seller in our area

In 2019, we are coming again with some new innovative products to energize your homes with state of the art technologies including Renewable solar Energy solutions, Smart Invertors, Surveillance and Home security solutions, Building management systems, Web designing.


Mission for excellence


Oasis Technical Solution relentlessly strives to bring about excellence in all the products, solutions and projects. ‘Excellence’ is the essence of the organization and we follow a meticulously thought-out 360 degree approach in maintaining excellence in the business.




We are committed to providing products which are absolutely safe and environmentally responsible. Highest quality raw materials and world-class equipment go to make our products which ensure safety and prolonged performance. We foster a green environment through our products which reduce carbon footprints, therefore keeping health hazard risks to the minimum. As we continue to explore the market and introduce new products, we will always proactively safeguard our customers against potential safety issues



Everybody in Oasis is always on a mission of enhancing customer experience. Our team of smart engineers and technicians are always on the lookout for innovation which improves efficiency and performance of products. They continuously upgrade their knowledge base and keep incorporating newer and better ways for serving our customers and at the same time keeping ahead of competition. Our intermittent product innovations will help us secure a formidable place in the market and expand our contributive efforts towards a smart homes, solar-powered energy environment and Invertor solutions.

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